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Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essentials for Policy Making

International Energy Agency

About this course

Welcome to the IEA’s online course “Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essentials for Policy Makers”.

Energy efficiency is critical to overcoming the challenges facing the global energy system as we seek to ensure a secure, sustainable and affordable energy supply for citizens the world over. This is why the IEA is placing efficiency at heart of the global energy agenda. It is the one energy resource that every country possesses in abundance and is essential to addressing energy security, environmental and economic challenges. As such, energy efficiency is becoming a growing priority for policymakers around the world. Yet actions lag behind intentions and there is still vast untapped potential for realizing energy efficiency globally.

It has been proved that well-designed policy works well but we need strong data in order to implement good policy and drive energy efficiency improvements at a rate that is not currently happening. Better collection and analysis of energy efficiency data leads to better policy outcomes. The IEA works to train and build capacity, allow experiences to be shared and global progress to be tracked. In order to achieve this; training is required at a global scale.

Learning Objectives

The overall objective of the course is to increase the knowledge and skills of policy makers to identify energy efficiency needs and opportunities, develop and implement appropriate energy efficiency policies and measure their impact. After completing the e-learning course “Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essentials for Policy Making”, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of data for effective energy efficiency policies;
  • Discuss the role of energy efficiency indicators at various levels for prioritising sector-specific energy efficiency policies;
  • Identify approaches for supplementing energy efficiency data with additional information for efficient policies;
  • Identify suitable energy efficiency policies in key sectors based on available data and indicators.

Technical Requirments

The Open edX platform is tested and works best with current versions of: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. The Open edX platform is routinely tested and verified on the current version and the previous version of each of these browsers. We generally encourage the use of, and fully support only, the latest version. Lower versions may experience unexpected behavior.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (download).
  • Adobe Flash Player (download)
  • Microsoft Office (Windows or Apple version) or Open Office (download)
  • Platform: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP or superior; MacOS 9 or MacOS X
  • Hardware: 64 MB of RAM, 1 GB of free disk space.

To access the syllabus click here.