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Singapore-IEA Regional Training Programme on Efficient Grid-Interactive Buildings


About This Course

This course explores the multiple facets of efficient grid-interactive buildings by discussing synergies between energy-efficient, smart, connected buildings on one side of the meter, and smart grids on the other. It also establishes effective interactions between them by means of digitalisation, technologies and policies relevant to local conditions. With a focus on the ASEAN region, challenges, solutions and best-practices discussed in this course are highly relevant to other countries around the world, particularly to those with hot and humid climates.

Starting from the overview of the measures to improve energy efficiency in buildings supported by smart and digital solutions (Module 1), learning about the electricity grid’s perspective on the role of grid-interactive buildings as distributed energy resources in increasing demand flexibility (Module 2), you will build the understanding of various aspects of interaction within the building-to-grid (B2G) ecosystem (Module 3)